Life Circuit Life Circuit

Life Circuit

  • 2009–2016

  • Urich Lau

  • Singapore

  • Multimedia installation

  • Dimensions variable

Life Circuit by Urich Lau is a multimedia installation originally conceived as a video demonstration, centering on a wearable device reconstructed from industrial safety equipment – welding goggles affixed with LCD screens and spy cams, a gas mask modified with speakers, and ear muffs that serve as amplifiers. Within the confines of each exhibition space, audiences encounter live projections of themselves on external screens as captured via the almost imperceptible spy cams. These images, however, quiver, convulse and glitch and break from the over-stimulation of inputs channelled through this singular device. Reflecting on the condition of living in a technologically advanced city like Singapore and its attendant issues of privacy and data collection, the work utilises the language of technology itself to perform a critique on the often-insidious nature of these complex systems and the ever-tightening grip around our liberal freedoms. 

Images courtesy of the Artist