The Explorer The Explorer

The Explorer

  • 1999

  • Ng Eng Teng

  • Singapore

  • Ciment fondu, stainless steel, gold leaf

  • 700 x 575 x 350 cm

The Explorer is a large outdoor sculpture by the late Singaporean artist Ng Eng Teng. Commissioned by the National Heritage Board to commemorate the new millennium, the seven-metre-high work features a stylised satellite structure atop stacked globes. The satellite’s rising appendages resemble flags planted by astronauts on the surface of the moon as symbolic gestures of achievement. The work can be seen as a metaphor symbolising Man’s potential for growth, learning and reflection beyond the millennium and into the far future.

The work was first unveiled on the front lawn of the Singapore Art Museum in December 1999. It is currently on loan to the Science Centre Singapore while the Singapore Art Museum buildings undergo redevelopment.