Art & Nature with Annuendo and Dennis Nathaniel Art & Nature with Annuendo and Dennis Nathaniel

Art & Nature with Annuendo and Dennis Nathaniel

  • Sat, 11 Dec 2021

  • Zoom

  • 11am–12pm

  • Free, by registration only

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We are surrounded by birds everywhere we go.

Come explore our winged friends with Dennis Nathaniel from The Untamed Paths. Learn why birds do what they do and why their bodies are built in specific ways. Get tips on how to identify the black-naped oriole, a key character from the Singapore Art Museum’s The Explorer comic.

Discover artful tips and tricks on how to draw this fascinating bird with Annuendo, also known as Anna Goh, the illustrator behind The Explorer comic.

Suitable for children aged 7 to 12 years old
*Materials are not provided.

You will need:

• Colouring pencils
• Paper

About Annuendo

Anna Goh / Annuendo loves to explore ideas, spaces, and the idea of (outer) space. She draws her inspiration from the places around her, weird discoveries and the unknown. She has three pet cats named Brownie, Beth and Boba, and her favourite snack is cherry tomatoes.

About Dennis Nathaniel

Dennis was never one to take the conventional route - hence the birth of "The Untamed Paths". A veterinary bioscience student, he has a keen interest in marine conservation, local biodiversity and is also an avid wildlife photographer. He is a licensed specialist nature guide and being around wildlife is second nature to him.