SAM Late Nights SAM Late Nights

SAM Late Nights

  • Sat, 2 Sep 2023

  • SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

  • 6PM – 10PM

  • General museum admission fee applies

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Come and explore SAM at dusk after opening hours. Watch a performance, view the ongoing exhibitions, listen to live music or create your own artworks in a fun-filled evening of art and entertainment.

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*Programmes may be subject to change without prior notice. Information accurate at time of publishing.


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[LIFESTYLE] Hi SAM! Roving Photobooth Sam

[LIFESTYLE] Hi SAM! Roving Photobooth

Time: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: Level 1


Capture your time here at SAM with your loved ones by taking a polaroid picture.



Time: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: Reception, Level 1


Re-Material: State of change is the start of Singapore Art Museum’s handling collection, put together by SAM’s Education team.


As part of SAM Contemporaries: Residues & Remixes, this showcase of deconstructed materials encourages sensory interaction in museums and galleries and provides a glimpse into the artist’s artmaking processes. Through reusing samples, materials, and mock-ups from the exhibition set up, this collection serves as a point of access for visitors to better understand the choice of materials used and their states of change. It is also a perfect opportunity for our guests to engage in up-close visual and tactile investigation to foster a deeper knowledge and enjoyment of the artworks.

[COLLECT] Stick with SAM Sam

[COLLECT] Stick with SAM

Time: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: Reception, Level 1


Go on a journey of SAM's exhibitions and start your own SAM sticker collection! 

[LIFESTYLE] The Night Market Sam

[LIFESTYLE] The Night Market with Balestier Market Collective and Friends

Times: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: Epigram Coffee Bookshop


Presented by Balestier Market Collective, The Night Market is a pop-up bar featuring local brands, drinks and bites.

[RESIDENCIES] Open Studios Sam

[RESIDENCIES] Open Studios

Time: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: SAM Residency Studio, Level 3, #03-07


SAM Residencies invites you to peek into the inner workings of the SAM studio spaces. Join residents Adrian Van Wyk (Cape Town), Pheng Guan Lee (Singapore), Sungsil Ryu (Seoul), ila (Singapore) and Chong Lingying & Winnie Li (Singapore) as they open their studios to the public.


Meet our Residents and gain an insight into their modes of working as they explore a range of topics and artistic interests. From South African sonic histories to Korean consumer and pop culture to various facets of books and publishing, get ready to experience the diversity of contemporary art through screenings, presentations and drop-in activities all day long!


Filmmaker Adrian Van Wyk will screen a collection of short films and music videos that draw citations from sound, music and language to explore historical consciousness and collective remembrance in Cape Town and beyond. While in-residence, Adrian advances historical research on diasporic movements between port cities in Southeast Asia and Cape Town, and will present notes, research, and concept proofs from several in-progress films. They include his debut feature Bedrock, which he is currently developing and scripting, Notes from the Underground: A Cape Town Hip Hop Story, a feature documentary that he is co-directing, and Apetown, a co-written feature.

PG Lee
is exploring the history of horticulture, environmental planning, and landscaping in Singapore during his residency at SAM. In this role, PG has taken on the persona of a traveling gardener on a mission to locate lalang, the stubborn and invasive weed Imperata Cylindrica, all around the city. His goal is to eliminate it from the landscape while simultaneously discovering methods to transform this weed into a more acceptable and useful form. During Open Studios, PG invites you to join him on this quest for repurposing through experimental lalang paper-making sessions throughout the day.

Presenting hati--hati, ila will continue to develop her research on care frameworks through this two-part activation. Co-curated with Aditi Sivaramakrishanan, hati--hati features a compilation of clips from ila’s past moving image works, remixed and re-presented to centre on gestures, language, and intimacy to explore tenderness. Viewers are invited to contemplate and delve deeper into the layers of care and share their responses through an online channel. These responses will be used as prompts to guide part two of the programme, slated for later in September.

Sungsil Ryu presents her long-term multimedia project Cherry Jang (2018-2020), a series of six videos produced and performed by the artist over two years. Developed as a satirical commentary on the visual grammar of contemporary Korean consumer culture and its marketing industry, the project is a performative biography of online personality Cherry Jang: from her flashy lifestyle to her tragic death and her second life immortalised as an angel.

Heterotopia Library functions as a nomadic artistic research station and operates as a temporary satellite of the independent art space Jalan Besar Salon convened by Winnie Li. It represents the second iteration of the Heterotopia Series, a curatorial project that explores and evolves through interconnections of space, reading, and writing. The Library is inhabited by artist-publisher Chong Lingying and contains her solo and collaborative artworks, publications, and programmes. During Open Studios, Lingying invites you to observe and participate as she makes books in the library throughout the day.


Find out more about our residents here

[SAM MIXTAPE] The Analog Girl Sam

[SAM MIXTAPE] The Analog Girl

Time: 6PM – 7PM

Venue: The Engine Room, Level 1


Song remixes are a collaborative art form. Producers, DJs and fellow musiciansassert their ingenuity to put a new spin on original compositions. This Spotify playlist inspired by the exhibition, Hito Steyerl: Factory of the Sun is curated by musician, The Analog Girl.

[MUSIC] The Analog Girl Sam

[MUSIC] The Analog Girl

Time: 9PM – 10PM

Venue: The Engine Room, Level 1


Sit back, relax and enjoy The Analog Girl’s curated playlist of electronic music hits inspired by the exhibition, Hito Steyerl: Factory of the Sun.

[ARTWORK ACTIVATION] Wayang Spaceship by Ming Wong Sam

[ARTWORK ACTIVATION] Wayang Spaceship by Ming Wong

Time: 7.15PM – 7.30PM

Venue: Container Bay, Level 1


A Wayang Spaceship has landed on our shores. Alongside the industrial, technological and ecological crises that have taken place throughout time, it also stands witness to our place in the cosmos. During the day, the Wayang Spaceship is seemingly dormant, its reflective surfaces mirroring the bustling traffic around the container seaport. Its own inactivity is interrupted by the occasional stray radio transmission relayed from another dimension.


At dusk, the Wayang Spaceship reclaims its former role as a travelling Chinese theatre, illuminating the past, present and future with an operatic symphony of light, sound and image, as though it is livestreamed from the memory of a scholar-warrior, a time travelling consciousness who moves freely between the past, present, and future. Each day, after the Singapore Art Museum closes, the Wayang Spaceship activates with light, sound and film, allowing the public to commune with this solitary figure of Chinese opera.


The Wayang Spaceship will evolve over a two-year period featuring a range of performances and access programmes. It is commissioned by The Everyday Museum, a public art initiative by Singapore Art Museum, and made possible with the generous support of Sun Venture.

[IN CONVERSATION] An Errant Idea: Lawrence Ypil Sam

[IN CONVERSATION] An Errant Idea: Lawrence Ypil and Duncan Bass on Hito Steyerl: Factory of the Sun

Time: 7PM – 8PM

Venue: The Engine Room, Level 1


In the masterclass An Errant Idea, five writers engaging with the work of the artist Hito Steyerl (Factory of the Sun) explore new ways of understanding our relationship to media technologies and in the process offer new forms of essaying. Join us for a reading of these new and exciting hybrid works by Christie Esther, Hanae Gomez, Max Pasakorn, Alsyha Chandra and Chrystal Ho. This will be followed by a panel discussion led by workshop moderators poet Lawrence Ypil and SAM curator Duncan Bass.



Featured Writers

Alysha Chandra writes essays and plays. She runs the independent media network NIMBUS and is Marketing Lead at art & tech collective Feelers.  

Christie Esther is a recent graduate of Yale-NUS College where she specialised in creative writing, and was recently published in PR&TA Journal's third issue.

Chrystal Ho writes poetry and nonfiction, and is a Masters student at NTU.

Hanae Gomez (she/her) is staying with the trouble with illustration, animation and writing.

Max Pasakorn (he/she/they) is a queer, Thai-born, Singapore-based and Pushcart-nominated essayist and poet.

Lawrence Lacambra Ypil is the author of The Experiment of the Tropics and he teaches creative writing at Yale-NUS College. 

[ARTWORK ACTIVATION] In the same breadth Sam

[ARTWORK ACTIVATION] In the same breadth
A site-specific activation by Moses Tan

Time: 6PM – 7.30PM

Venue: Gallery 1, Level 1


In the same breadth is a site-specific activation with invited artists responding to various ideas and inspirations within Moses Tan’s installation a caveat, a score, as part of SAM's ongoing exhibition, SAM Contemporaries: Residues & Remixes. The work was designed with a theatrical set in mind, and these artistic responses serve to activate it as a stage. The activation encompasses a wide range of ideas, including mourning, the navigation of self and publics, and zoology whilst employing performance to readings as a mode of delivery. In the same breadth is a melding of various voices from a younger generation, presenting an act of speculation for an affirmative future.


Invited artists:
Lukas Tan
Sarishna Nair
Zheng Jialei
Muhammad Mustaghfir
Siew Guang Hong
Luna Chang