Can Everybody See My Screen?

As we navigate the spaces of the virtual, physical, digital, phygital – terms that have gained new meanings in and after the time of the pandemic – discover how artists explore the relationship between technology and the human body, and the space of the screen for interaction, bonding, imagination and worlding.

Can Everybody See My Screen? looks at the various ways in which artistic practices engage with an increasingly digitalised world – from technological mediation of the senses and the body, to social critique, to how digital spaces may engender possibilities for self-identification, kinship, and love. Drawing from works in the SAM Collection and through new commissions, the exhibition highlights recent explorations while tracing back to earlier practices in the decade following 2000.

Referencing one of the most repeated phrases that emerged from a long period of remote interactions, Can Everybody See My Screen? captures the ambivalence of bodies navigating technology, with the screen as interface and locus of mediation.


Banner image courtesy of Urich Lau