Learning Gallery

Learning Gallery

Spark Curiosity. Rekindle Wonder. Explore contemporary art with the uninhibited spirit of a child and rediscover the joy of learning.


Established as part of Singapore Art Museum’s continued support of art education, the Learning Gallery is dedicated to the engagement and understanding of broader issues through contemporary artworks. These artworks have been specially selected from the National Collection or commissioned to extend the learning of contemporary art to all ages.


Inspired by the theme of childhood, this edition of the Learning Gallery encourages child-like curiosity in encounters with art. You are invited to embrace the spirit of exploration to have an uninhibited relationship with the world: to look, feel and live fearlessly.


Exhibiting artworks of various media and across diverse forms of presentation, the artworks address multiple themes such as home, nature and the environment, people, places, memory and time. They also raise important and timely questions on what it means to live in contemporary times, evoking the emotions and experiences of each individual in the process .



related events

Opening Carnival
Sat, 20 July | 10am–4pm

Free for all



Join us for a day filled with nostalgia and endless fun as we celebrate the grand opening of our newest gallery—a haven for the young and young at heart.

🎨 Create your own water marble coaster and shrink art charms
🎲 Challenge your friends and family to traditional games like five stones or chapteh
🍿 Enjoy free popcorn and traditional ice cream. Plus, Ribena Original Taste drinks supported by Ribena
🎟️ Enjoy 20% off admission to Olafur Eliasson: Your curious journey exhibition.