Think! Contemporary Preschool Exhibition 2021

Say “hello” to the future where people continue to draw inspiration from nature, and the beauty of Singapore’s garden city continue to mesmerise and inspire human imagination, young and old. In this exhibition, preschool children in Singapore have been invited to create art that reveals how nature and contemporary ecological issues are viewed through their eyes of wonder and innocence as part of the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) Think! Contemporary Preschool Programme. 

Think! Contemporary is one of SAM’s signature programmes. It engages children in lively discussions on contemporary art and issues through artworks in SAM’s collection and in The Learning Gallery where the artworks navigate ideas of home, community, identity, memory and what it means to live in contemporary Singapore. 

With support from their schools and teachers, the children went on a process-driven art making journey that had drawn on their natural curiosities, allowing them to explore and create. The children were inspired primarily by nature, green issues as well as the contemporary artworks in The Learning Gallery and created their artworks based on the themes in this exhibition: communities in Singapore, nature and climate change.

The exhibition is located at People’s Gallery – at Botany Centre, Nassim Visitor Centre, Botanic Gardens MRT Exit A (Bukit Timah Gate), Singapore Botanic Gardens.


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Hero Image: 
Preschool children working on an artwork. Image courtesy of Nobleland Arts N Learning Place (Preschool) @ Clementi.

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