Adrian VAN WYK

Artist Residency || 01 Aug to 31 Oct 2023

Adrian Van Wyk is a filmmaker, creative producer and cultural historian whose projects reveal the diasporic manifestation of Hip Hop culture onto the Cape Flats periphery of Cape Town. Adrian’s work brings attention to the multimodal histories of the African continent by considering the connection its young people maintain with the diaspora. This research has oriented several documentary features including Notes from the Underground: A Cape Town Hip Hop Story (present), and What the Soil Remembers (2023).


While in residence, Adrian will work with archival materials and explore approaches that remix and retell histories of resilience and resistance. By engaging with the imaginative powers afforded by sonic and filmic representations Adrian will build an archive of the overlooked, highlight the (in)invisibility and of erased histories by activating reinterpretations of personal and collective memories.


Portrait image on listings page courtesy of @brandelcagn.
Hero banner: Image courtesy of Kurt Orderson.