Bakudapan Food Study Group

EX-SITU: Art Spaces Residency || 22 Jul to 31 Aug 2024

Bakudapan Food Study Group is a collective based in Yogyakarta that discusses ideas about and surrounding food. The word  bakudapan is derived from bakudapa, which is Manadonese (North Sulawesi) for “meet,” and kudapan, a snack usually shared during social gatherings of all kinds. Together, bakudapan can be translated to “eating snacks while meeting."


Through models of gathering and sharing, Bakudapan’s projects unveil food’s larger position within culture. Beyond cooking, history, and heritage conservation, the collective uses food as an instrument to address intersections with broader issues surrounding politics, society, gender, economy, philosophy and art


While in residence, Bakudapan will expand on their ongoing project, The Hunger Tales (2018 - ongoing). For the board game’s Singapore iteration, they will be collaborating with Singapore-based practitioners, drawing from local foods and stories in its development.



Portrait image on listings page by Yudha Kusuma, courtesy of Bakudapan.
Banner image courtesy by Yudha Kusuma, courtesy of Bakudapan.