Carlos QUIJON, Jr.

Curatorial & Research Residency || 01 Nov to 30 Nov 2024

Carlos QUIJON, Jr. explores transregional affinities as geopoetic urgencies. Considering archipelagic Southeast Asia as an exceptional space, Carlos’ writings articulate different imaginations of solidarity among regions of the Global South. As a curator, Carlos is interested in the role of the curatorial gesture in accommodating complex agencies and affects through the medium of the exhibition, and how archives can become curatorial prompts and propositions.


While in residence, Carlos will revisit and expand on research on transregional and transcolonial affinities by looking at possible permutations of archipelagic and tropical futurisms to offer ways to foreground aspects of historical critical alliances in the curatorial.


Portrait image on listings page: Photography by Mars Edwenson Briones.
Hero banner: Still from the digital walkthrough for the exhibition 'Resonant Earth' at Silverlens Galleries Manila. Courtesy of Silverlens Galleries.