Charmaine POH

Artist Residency || 01 Jul to 31 Dec 2024

Charmaine POH works across media and performance to peel apart, interrogate, and hold ideas of agency, repair, and the body across worlds. Her ongoing project titled THE YOUNG BODY UNIVERSE, is a series of enactments considering the potentialities of the feminist techno-body. She aims to ground the online and the virtual in the offline and the physical by revealing the real-world implications behind screen-based realities.


While in residence, Charmaine will continue her engagement with figures of the media imaginary to develop new chapters for THE YOUNG BODY UNIVERSE. Charmaine will continue her research into cyberculture and prominent online figures through fieldwork and participant observation in Singapore. In addition, she aims to experiment with emerging technologies that shape one’s sense of identity, from artificial intelligence algorithms to surveillance tools.


Portrait image on listings page: Courtesy of the artist.
Hero banner: Courtesy of the artist.