Salty Xi Jie NG

Community & Education Residency || 01 Jan to 31 May 2021

Ng Xi Jie, Salty (b.1987, Singapore) plays with the aesthetics of social relations and structures. Her interdisciplinary work proposes a collective re-imagining through humour, care, subversion, discomfort, a celebration of the eccentric, and a commitment to the deeply personal. Her projects explore themes of aging, intimacy, food, lineage, identity, ritual and power, while questioning who artists are and what gets to be called art.


Xi Jie was an artist-in-residence 2019-20 at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, artist fellow at New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, and artist-in-residence at Buangkok Square, Singapore. Her work has been supported by diverse platforms from Singapore Art Week, Elsewhere Museum, and Kaman Art Foundation, to King School Museum of Contemporary Art, Singapore International Film Festival, and Hollywood Senior Center. She is the editor of Conversations On Everything, an interview-based Portland publication on social forms of art.


While in residence, Xi Jie will be exploring the relationship between socially engaged art and institutions, as well as the intersections of grief and Chinese folk rituals.



Hero banner: Xi Jie (right) in Eldest Grandchild’s Narcissistic Talkshow With Grandmas, part of  her self-initiated Grandparents Residency, an artist residency with grandparents as site. The talkshow was all about Xi Jie, from birth to her grandmas’ hopes for her future.