Artist Residency || 01 Oct 2021 to 31 Mar 2022

Extending from her interest in narratives and myths affected by colonial erasure, particularly the narratives of Southern Africa in native lands but also within the diaspora, Sherie Sitauze seeks to establish conversations around erasures, historical bias and how they can translate into the fabrication, distortion and omission of facts. She will also attempt to locate narratives and myths of under-represented communities in the geographical area where SAM situates itself. Sitauze's practice is an ongoing and ever-evolving exploration of oral storytelling as a vehicle for the learning, cultivation and merging of narratives, as well as the sharing of knowledge. During her time in residence, she plans to develop programmes during which would mobilise 'dialogue' and storytelling as a tool for research and for presenting ideas.



Portrait image on listings page and hero banner: Image courtesy of the Artist.