Sungsil RYU

Artist Residency || 01 Jul to 30 Sep 2023

Sungsil Ryu uses dark humour by embodying different personas to showcase contradictions within contemporary Korean consumer culture through installation, performance, and video. Sungsil’s “Cherry Jang Series” depicts the flashy lifestyle and tragic death of a virtual character said to represent the ‘scam-like’ marketing industry, while highlighting the effects of capitalism on Korean society. Likewise, “The Bing King Travel Series” illustrates the conflict between traditional values and contemporary neoliberalism, following the story of an elderly travel agent, a fake foreign employee, and their elderly customers.


While in residence, Sungsil will experiment with various online platforms as dissemination and circulation channels to comparatively research the social media ecosystems in Singapore and South Korea.


Portrait image on listings page: Image courtesy of SFAC.
Hero banner: Image courtesy of the artist.