Artist Residency | 01 Oct to 31 Dec 2023

Takuya WATANABE’s video installations often reveal the anatomy of specific communities to unveil the complexities of issues ranging from labour, violence, immigration, and vulnerability. Through extensive preparatory research and interviews with communities, Takuya perceives subtle physical and linguistic gestures expressed in a dialogue with the people as a kind of “representational object,” and visualises the complexity of the structures and forces behind them as tangible objects.


While in residence, Takuya will research on how majority and minority communities have been represented in popular cinema in Southeast Asia. Through a fieldwork and archival research, Takuya will also examine the history of restrictions imposed on expression in cinema.


This residency was supported by a grant from Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur.



Portrait image on listings page courtesy of Meets KENPOKU.
Hero banner: ARCUS Project Photo by Hajime Kato.