Artist Residency || 01 Oct to 31 Dec 2023

Takuya Watanabe's video installations serve as a lens through which he uncovers the intricate anatomy of specific communities. His work delves into a myriad of complex issues, spanning labour and violence to immigration and vulnerability. Through preparatory research and conducting interviews within these communities, Takuya identifies subtle physical and linguistic gestures expressed in dialogues as a form of "representational object." By doing so, Takuya visualises the complexity of social structures and forces that underlie these communities' experiences. 

While in residence, through a combination of fieldwork and archival research, Takuya will survey how popular cinema in Southeast Asia portrays "diversity."


This residency was supported by a grant from Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur.



Portrait image on listings page courtesy of Meets KENPOKU.
Hero banner: ARCUS Project Photo by Hajime Kato.