Art in the Commons: Data Visualising Jurong

Synthetic Visions for a Future Past (Jurong Dreaming) draws on the history of the environment and industrial development of Jurong. The artwork takes the form of an artificial mangrove swamp made of steel pipes, with screens that feature images and stories contributed by commuters as well as past and present residents of the neighbourhood. Kapilan Naidu designed a set of algorithms which uses these memories as data to produce “synthetic visions” of the neighbourhood. As audiences browse, sort and contribute to the growing collection of memories, they influence the artwork as an expression of collective dreaming for Jurong.

This presentation by artist Kapilan Naidu is the third cycle of Art in the Commons: Data Visualising Jurong and is part of SAM’s collaboration with Science Centre Singapore to develop community-based art programmes within the Jurong district.

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about the artist

Kapilan Naidu (b. 1992) is a media artist, designer and technologist with a keen interest in exploring the effects of rapid mechanization and computational supremacy in modern society. Using interactivity and real-time data as mediums, his works span across generative images, animations, sound, mixed-reality experiences, screen-based installations and computer programs.

Kapilan is deeply inspired by the emergent nature of procedural algorithms, where they take on a central role in guiding the visual outcome of his works. This exploration into the creative partnership between humans and machines also informs his current research into transhumanism and artificially intelligent systems.