Joo Choon Lin: Dance in the Destruction Dance


Immerse yourself in a multisensory artwork by Singaporean artist Joo Choon Lin and discover how everyday objects can constantly shape shift and embody an array of meanings.

"Our experience of the world is an interpretation of our senses and a projection of our mind.” Joo Choon Lin.

For artist Joo Choon Lin, a combination of the senses—sight, sound, hearing and touch—is necessary to complete our experience of the physical world. The artist’s immersive performance installations challenges the conventions of human perception: where the world around us is pictured as activity, event, and movement.

Dance in the Destruction Dance is an atmospheric environment designed by Joo. It is a performance space and art installation that features several artworks: Glue Your Eyelids Together (2017/2023), I Only Make Friends With Money (2012/2023) and Beatific Perfume (2020/2023). Joo’s multisensory environment is also an instrument for storytelling, drawing attention to how industrial materials such as plastic, wood and metal continuously change their shape, appearance and meaning in our contemporary world.

The installation assembles experimental use of object sculptures, video and performance to explore the distinctions between reality and appearance; the former is what is known, while the latter is what can be sensed. The artworks will be activated through a two-part theatrical performance titled pEARs ' --- --- --- ' in §pring (2018/2023). During this performance, the gallery space will shift between stage set and installation, where elements are modified and adapted for myriad functions. Scripted by the artist, the performance highlights the migration of forms and shapes the narrative of the exhibition. Joo is driven by a curiosity: how can we stretch the thresholds of our consciousness through everyday objects and contemporary technology?

Banner image credit: Joo Choon Lin, pEARs ' --- ---- ---- ' in §pring, 2018. Image courtesy of FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio.

about the artist

Joo Choon Lin (b.1984) is a visual artist and poet based in Singapore who explores the relationship between consciousness and the technologies of representation. This exhibition is part of SAM’s Material Intelligence exhibition series that investigates how artists today connect modes of making associated with craft and industry to speculations about our ecological and technological futures.