Hello Future: Let’s Go Hand in Hand

Hello Future: Let’s Go Hand in Hand

Discover a wonderful and whimsical future as imagined by preschool children!

Hello Future: Let’s Go Hand in Hand is part of the Think! Contemporary Preschool programme, presented by the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) in partnership with six preschools in Singapore. In this programme, contemporary art is used as an entry point to engage young minds on social issues in Singapore.

As part of the programme, these children were introduced to the SAM Touch Collection, a series of adaptations of artworks in SAM's collection that were created for the visually impaired community. This challenged the children to go beyond sight and use their other senses to experience art. It has been an invaluable experience and has taught the children to demonstrate concern for others in the community as well as envision an inclusive future in which everyone works and plays hand in hand regardless of our differences.

Over a period of more than eight weeks in the programme, the children created artworks that reflect their vision for Singapore. Together with their teachers, the children discussed and refined their artistic concepts drawing inspiration from their daily lives and their imagination.

See a diverse and inclusive future come to life in Hello Future: Let’s Go Hand in Hand!