Piles of Inks on Paper Piles of Inks on Paper

Piles of Inks on Paper

  • 2018

  • Irfan Hendrian

  • Indonesia

  • Offset lithography on layers of paper and wood

  • Dimensions variable

Piles of Inks on Paper by Irfan Hendrian continues the artist’s interest in exploring the formal qualities of paper and its sculptural potential. Informed by his practice as artist and industrial printmaker, Irfan’s artwork often utilises leftover materials from the bookbinding studio where he works: the artist layers and compacts offcuts and other paper waste into abstract compositions that draw on Bauhaus principles of abstraction and simplification in order to arrive at the most sublime essence of things. Paper becomes both pigment and canvas; no longer utilised solely as a planar support for representation, it is treated as a medium unto itself, and harnessed for its formal properties of texture, line, colour and shape. 

Image courtesy of Sullivan + Strumpf