3 in ONE 3 in ONE

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3 in ONE

  • 2019

  • Plywood, acrylic wool and paint

  • Various dimensions

  • SAM Touch Collection

Adapted from:
Acrylic on canvas
145 x 158 cm
Collection of Singapore Art Museum

For this adaptation of Trinity, artist Kumari Nahappan explores the concepts of numbers and states of being as they relate to geometry through a series of triangles. She created a set of three equilateral triangles and three broken triangles made up of different angles. Here, the symbol of the broken triangle is abstract depending on its position in the work. The original artwork, Trinity, is a painting inspired by sacred geometry, a concept that is present in many religions.

Watch to learn more about this SAM Touch Collection adaptation here:

Kumari Nahappan’s (b. 1953, Malaysia) practice encompasses a wide range of genres, from painting to sculpture and installations. Her works have a distinctive visual identity shaped by her cultural roots and beliefs. Her public art sculptures can be seen around Singapore, at the National Museum of Singapore, Changi Airport and ION Orchard.

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