Looper Trouper Looper Trouper

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Looper Trouper

  • 2020

  • Interactive media

  • Various dimensions

  • SAM Touch Collection

Adapted from:
Conducting Memories
Interactive sound installation
Various Dimensions
Collection of Singapore Art Museum

The Touch adaptation Looper Trouper is a portable, battery-operated interactive sound player with 16 braille buttons. When pressed, the buttons trigger sounds of everyday life in Singapore and samples of drumbeats. The player was created with the visually impaired community in mind as sound plays a vital role in their daily lives, replacing visual cues as a communication tool. Participants can take the opportunity to reinvent the mundane and compose their own unique soundtracks.

The original artwork, Conducting Memories, is an interactive sound installation featuring a selection of 64 sounds that characterise everyday life in Singapore from the past and present. 

Watch to learn more about this SAM Touch Collection adaptation here: 

anGie seah (b. 1979, Singapore) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans an eclectic range of genres, including drawing, performance art and her signature use of sound. Seah’s work, renowned for its interactive and quixotic qualities, explores the intertwining of human nature with the social environment.

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'Learning to Play with Eyes Closed' article key visual

Hear! Hear! Artist anGie seah has turned her 2013 installation Conducting Memories into a portable audio player so the visually impaired can hear soundscapes of the city and compose their own tunes too! Find out more about this adaptation and others in the Singapore Art Museum Touch Collection. Click to read Learning to Play with Eyes Closed on our blog now.

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