Curatorial & Research Residency || 01 Feb to 29 Feb 2024

Engy MOHSEN examines notions of ‘participation’ and ‘collectivity’ by creating frameworks that invite non-artists and artists to think about how spaces can be organized to include the ‘other’. Spatial thinking is at the heart of Engy’s artistic and curatorial practice, manifesting in texts, drawing, photography, performance, discursive acts and conversations. Engy also serves as the founding members of K-oh-llective, an online platform for resource-sharing amongst artists, writers, and curators in Egypt and the Arab world.


While in residence, Engy will map the knowledge flows that inform independent art schools and forms of pedagogy in relation to the individuals and communities driving these initiatives.


Portrait image on listings page: Photo by Ebrahim Bahaa-Eldin, 2022.
Hero banner: Photo by Clara Neugebauer, Blackbox Zürich, 2021.