Artist Residency || 01 Jan to 31 Mar 2023

Founded in 2017, Futuristic Research Cluster (FREAK Lab) is an anti-disciplinary research cluster that explores the symbiotic relationship between human, art and technology. Convened by project leader Henry Tan during their time in-residence, FREAK Lab aims to develop a research framework for Intimacy with Nature, a nomadic research and production platform that is interested in how human activity affects socio-ecological systems such as biological diversity and climate. Intimacy with Nature will examine bio-aesthetics and the intersections between art, ecology, biology and nature to answer the following question: how do new innovations in biotechnology protect the natural world, restore what has been lost, or devise new futures?

FREAK Lab prototypes and researches, whilst leveraging on art and installations, to reimagine possible realities. The interdisciplinary FREAK community brings scholars, experts, artists, and technicians together to transform ideas of the future into practical, feasible applications. It aims to travel across continents to find new encounters in different natural environments. Its first iteration was held in Thailand and will now unfold in a new phase in Singapore.

FREAK Lab hosted Intimacy with Nature: BioArt Workshop in Singapore on 15 to 19 March 2023. More information can be found on their website:




Portrait image on listings page: “Happy Birthday Banana.” Courtesy of Henry Tan.
Hero banner: Visit to rice farm located in the Agricultural Department of Naresuan University. Intimacy with Nature, Thailand, July 2022. Courtesy of FREAKLAB.