Artist Residency || 01 Jul to 30 Sep 2023

Rehab Hazgui explores the endless movement of sound, repetition, and silence as a third space to navigate different forms of listening. At the heart of her sonic research is the concept of achieving a synergetic cognitive interaction, which involves the seamless collaboration between human and machine to create an integrated and boundary-pushing musical performance. Transcending conventional notions of music and technology, Rehab’s sonic creations challenge the listener’s perception of time and space.


While in residence, Rehab will develop, The Resonant Flow: Exploring the Sonic Identity of the Singapore River. Conducting sonic experimentation and exploration of the rivers in Singapore to investigate the city-state’s heavy industries as a subterranean fabric and cultural paradigm. Through innovative use of computational algorithms and field recordings, Rehab seeks a deeper understanding of how culture and environment intersect and shape one another in the context of Singapore's rivers.


Portrait image on listings page and hero banner: Image courtesy of the artist.