Tenthaus Art Collective

EX-SITU: Art Spaces Residency || 01 Aug to 30 Sep 2024

Tenthaus Art Collective began as an artists-in-schools project in 2009 and have since spent over a decade maintaining strong relations to the community – working together in various constellations to cultivate and nurture its environment. The collective is characterised by an open, process-oriented form of participation and collaboration, focusing on local contexts and exploring collectivity and inclusion through different forms of engagement models.


Based in Oslo, Tenthaus' operates through a project room and an exhibition space, a mobile studio, and a wide range of curatorial projects. Tenthaus reimagines themselves and what it means to be artists working with the public, and what makes a relevant socially-engaged practice today. The collective works with discursive events, radio, research, exchanges, workshops, and exhibitions with an international orientation. Each of its members brings a distinct set of skills, practices, and cultural knowledge. The distinctive result of their collaborations and collective discussion is visible through their work. 


While in residence, Tenthaus will be experimenting with a long-term global collaboration, THE OVEN, a multi-city collaborative project with Studio 150 (Bangkok), Space 413 / PACK (Seoul) and GUDSKUL (Jakarta) that encompasses a range of projects from exhibitions, translations to discursive gatherings and publications. In Singapore, the group will convene in SAM Residencies’ EX-SITU studio space in August and September 2024, where they will continue their practice of exploring gathering methodologies within different localities.


“Something only becomes meaningful or makes sense if it is integrated into a net of relations” - Byung-Chul Han  




Portrait image on listings page and hero banner courtesy of the art collective.