Huijun LU

Artist Residency || 01 Apr to 30 Sep 2024

Born from diagrammatic drawings, Huijun LU explores the intersection between art, music, engineering, and computing. In the act of processing works, Huijun treats materials as objects of utility and fascination. To enliven these materials, she builds circuits to create arrays of moving motors; twitching and gesturing through space, dispersing materials to create sound or reacting to human presence. Each movement or sound is devised by considering properties of music such as rhythm, rest, timbre and tone. Huijun’s body of work also encompass moving image, soundscapes and performances.


During the residency, Huijun will explore ways in which the transparency and opacity of technological systems can be made to inform artistic production; as well as the role an artist can play in sensitising the viewing audience to the inner workings of the often unseen automation of our everyday environments.


Portrait image on listings page: Courtesy of Dave Lim & Adar Ng.
Hero banner: Courtesy of the artist.