Artist Residency || 01 Jul to 30 Sep 2024

Naomi SEGAL pays attention to conditions that could allow more vulnerable, interdependent and collective forms of relation. An artist and writer, their practice materialises as workshops, installations, zines and text. Naomi joyfully holds a co-chair position at Pari, an artist-run initiative and collective in which they collaboratively organise exhibitions and pedagogical programs.


While in residence, Naomi will continue developing amuletic cards, their ongoing project drawing from peaches as an ancestral symbol of longevity. These cards are a means of gathering, holding and sharing what is needed for safer life journeys; they have been used to mediate workshops, conversations, and many more connective encounters. As a facilitator, Naomi is deeply informed by their training in Intentional Peer Support.



Portrait image on listings page and Hero Banner: Courtesy of Maria Boyadgis for Kudos Live and Cement Fondu, 2023