Weed Day

Community & Education Residency || 01 Apr to 30 Jun 2024

Convened by Tiffany Lay and Zo Lin, Weed Day is a collective whose practice is centred around foraging as a methodology to examine the way in which nature has encroached and reclaimed the urban cityscape. In this context, the environment exemplifies the symbiosis between the man and nature.


Emulating tea-making as a practice and everyday tradition in Taiwan, the collective hosts conversations over “weed tea”— a brewed concoction consisting of the plants foraged within a single research area. Through these conversations, Weed Day raises awareness of the effects of modern development on the environment and the diversity of edible plants in the cityscape through rewilding initiatives.


While in residence, Weed Day will conduct research on native wildflowers in Singapore and convene a range of related conversations.


Portrait image on listings page: Courtesy of weedday.org.
Hero banner: Courtesy of weedday.org.